That is a great question. Once you have saved them (Exported them), at some point, you will want to import them. The process is straightforward. 

When you exported your Preferences, you were asked to save them to a location. As part of the Import process, you will be asked to locate the folder or location you placed the Exported Preferences in.  Once located, you will select it and then complete the Import process. The instructions are listed below.

First, you will need to connect your tablet and then open the Settings application.

To do this, click on the Left Center button, and this will open your Settings application.

[1] Pressing the top Left button

[2] Will open the Settings application
[1] Click on the Gear in the top right of the Setting application.

[2] Select Import to start the Import process.
[1] You will find and select the folder that the .pcfg file is in.

[2] Please select it.

[3] Click Open.
Once the file is Imported, you will be brought back to the main Settings application window.

The  Import is completed.