All Linux platforms listed below were tested on an x86 or M1/M2 processor chipset.

Please know that the Quick Keys driver will not work on the following Linux-like operating systems; 

  • Raspberry PI
  • Android operating systems
  • iOS operating systems
  • Sony Playstation
  • Windows Xbox

Below is a list of Linux operating systems tested with our Xencelabs Linux driver and will work with the Quick Keys.

Here is a list of Linux operating systems that have been tested and are compatible with our Xencelabs driver
Ubuntu 14.04 - 21.04 64-bit

Rockey Linux 9.1-x86, 64-bit

Centos7.0 / 8.0  64-bit
Fedora Version 31-35 64-bit 
Manjaro-KDE-gnome-20.2-201203 64-bit

Manjaro-xfce-20.2-201203 64-bit
Arch Linux2019.12.01 64-bit
Debian 10.8 64-bit 
OpenSUSE-Leap15.3 64-bit
elementary OS -5.0 64-bit
 Mint-20.1-cinnamon 64-bit
ezgo Linux14 64-bit
Pop!_OS_20.10 64-bit 
Mageia-7.1 64-bit
Red Hat 7 / 8 64-bit