By default Windows 10 will use Windows Ink with Adobe PS. If you want to use WinTab, you can force Windows to use the WinTab application with Adobe PS by following the below instructions. 

Create a txt file called PSUserConfig.txt with Windows Notepad

Place the below two lines of text:

# Use WinTab
 UseSysTemStylus 0

You will need to place this text in the following folder; 

[Installation Drive]:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\[Photoshop_version]\[Photoshop_version]Settings\

To explore more options for setting with Adobe PS, please visit the link below.

You will also want to un-check the Windows Ink box in the Xencelabs Settings application. 

To do that, open the Settings application by pressing the left button at the top center of your tablet. Then select Pen Tablet, and at the bottom left un-check Windows Ink. 

* If you have added Adobe PS to the application row, you will need to select Adobe PS first and then un-check Windows Ink.