There are many different types of Linux operating systems on the market. The ones that Xencelabs has tested are listed below. 

If your version of Linux is not listed below, I would suggest that you plug in the Pen and Tablet and test it, it is possible that it would work with your Linux version natively. 

Supported versions of Linux: 

  • Ubuntu 14.4 or above
  • Debian 9.5 or above
  • CentOS7.0 or above
  • RedHat 7.0 or above

The Xencelabs driver installs for Linux consist of two files that will need to be installed, a .deb and a .rpm file.

To install the files you will first need to download them from the Xencelabs Driver Download page Once they have been downloaded to the computer you will need to run the below commands to install the drivers. They will need to be installed in the order listed below. 

 DEB Install          sudo dpkg -i xencelabs_1.x.x.20xxxx.deb

 ** the X  will need to be replaced with the actual file name

 RPM Install         sudo rpm -i Xencelabs-1.x.x.20xxxxx.rpm

** the X will need to be replaced with the actual file name

If you need to uninstall the above driver the instructions to do that are listed below. 

DEB Uninstall     sudo dpkg -r Xencelabs

EPM Uninstall     sudo rpm -e Xencelabs