Yes, you can make changes to your pen's pressure setting to fine-tune how it draws to the amount of pressure needed to draw with your pen. To change the pen tip pressure, you will need to open the Xencelabs Settings. The instructions are listed below. 

Click on the left-center tablet button on your tablet, to open the Settings application.


Once you have the Setting application open, select the pen you are using (3-Button or Thin pen), and adjust the Pen Pressure slide to the Soft side. 


Test your adjustment, and see how it works for you. 

For more advance adjustments, select that advance setting button.

Tool Tip: You can set the pen pressure settings differently for each pen. You can make the 3-button pen pressure setting to be customized for drawing in Adobe PS, and the Thin pen pressure setting can be set up differently for use as a mouse replacement pen. 

Basic Pen Pressure setting:

Select the pen you want to make adjustments to from the left-hand navigation window. In this case, I'm selecting the 3-Button pen [1].

I have also set the focus to Adobe PS [2] so that my custom pen pressure settings will take effect only with Adobe PS being active and only when I'm using the 3-Button pen.

I can now slide the Pen Pressure adjuster [3] to the left to the soft side to match my drawing style.
Advanced Pen Pressure settings:

You can move the curve [1,2] to make fine adjustments to the pen pressure adjustor.

Then you can test your changes [3] in the pen test box to the right

When you are done making adjustments, click OK in the lower right corner.

You can set Pen Pressures differently on each of the pens. The 3-Button pen [1] can have one adjustment, and the Thin pen [2] can have a different setting.