Instructions for installing the Xencelabs driver on a Windows 10 computer.




Before you start the install process, please connect the Pen Tablet directly to your computer.


If you cannot connect directly to your computer, use a powered hub to make the connection.


Once the driver is downloaded, you will double click it. This will start the install process.







Once you have started the install process, Windows may ask you to allow the install, select Allow.


The first dialog box will ask you to read and agree with the software license agreement. You will need to check the box in the lower-left corner, stating that you have read and agreed to the software license.


Then click on Install to continue.




Once the installation starts, it runs quickly.


When it finishes, you will receive the Completed dialog screen, and you will need to click Complete to move on to the next step.




You can select the Setup type. If this is your first Xencelabs tablet, I would suggest choosing the Guided Setup.


Otherwise, you can select Manual Setup for more setup options.




If you connected your Xencelabs Pen Tablet, you would see it connected in this dialog box.


If you do not see your tablet connected, please connect it now, try a different USB port on your computer, and then click Scan for devices.


Click the > arrow to move to the next setup slide.

Note: If you purchased the Pen Tablet Bundle, you would see your Quick Key Remote listed in this image.






The Tablet buttons are located at the top center of your Pen Tablet.


This shows the default setting for the Tablet Buttons.


If this is your first digital tablet, we suggest that you leave the buttons set to the defaults for the first week. This will allow you to learn how the tablet works before making changes to it.






Pen Tip Pressure Customization is where you can adjust the Pen Tip feel to meet your drawing style.






Tablet Display Mapping is where you can select how your tablet is mapped to your display or displays.


By default, your tablet is mapped to all displays if you have more than one.


The Pen Tablet has a native ratio of 16:1, which makes drawing more intuitive.




You can customize the setting for a specific application on your tablet, pen, and QuickKeys.


If you purchased your tablet without the QuickKeys, you could purchase and connected it via the Xencelabs driver at any time.




The guided tour is completed, and I would request that you register your tablet.


The benefit of registering your tablet is that you will receive driver update notifications and emails from the Xencelabs team containing useful product information.