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Steam App games not recognised for profiles

While I use Quick keys for art programs, I also like to use it as a gaming device on my down-time to program in shortcuts to use instead of my keyboard. I like to use for flight and driving simulators to access car controls. Got a little bracket that holds it next to my joystick and steering wheel.

However, Steam games just aren't working for the Quick key. It'll work fine for other games that use its own launcher. If I install any version of the driver and then launch a Steam game, Quick keys will recognize the profile just fine. However after I've shut down my computer and then restarted, Quick keys will not recognize a Steam game running again until I reinstall the driver and do the same steps. All drivers available to download for Quick keys have the same effect. They work until I shut down and restart the PC and it'll recognize all my other app profiles, but not anything that runs under Steam.

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The Quick Keys were originally designed to be connected to macOS, Windows, or Linux (full install) operating systems. With that said, it has been tested and used on other platforms. We have been made aware that the Quick Keys will work with Stream but is not fully integrated.

The product team is starting to look at ways to add new features and connectivity to the Quick Keys.


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