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Switch Display with a keyboard shortcut

Switching between displays with a keyboard shortcut is great for workflow!

This feature would be a world first since no tablet company actually offers this.

It's essential when using a tablet instead of a mouse, especially for drag'n'drop operations between monitors!

The XenceLabs Control Panel is really nice but unfortunately, it doesn't expose the ClassNN controls so it's quite difficult to manipulate with scripts.

Maybe XenceLabs could enable a command-line option with switches?

e.g. Xencelabs.exe -screen:FullTabletArea -display:Monitor3

I've managed to implement a basic monitor toggle using AutoHotkey (sorry, it's Windows only. No idea how you'd do this on an Apple).

It uses the F1 key to switch, but you can edit the script in a text editor to whichever key is convenient for you.

Since I'm not able to determine which monitor is currently active in the XenceLabs drivers, the script can only switch between a maximum of two monitors.

Hope it's useful!











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Thanks for this! Wonderful!

Also, I agree, please Xencelabs consider implementing command-line switches for apps. 

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