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Pen Mode not working and some other (Mac OS 12.4, MacBook M1 Pro)

When I activate pen mode, it appears to work, but when I put the pen down away from the tablet and pick it up to use again on the pen tablet, only a portion of the tablet is active(the xencelabs settings app shows that the area mapping is set to full).

also, I notice that sometimes when I use a modifier key(like shift) it doesn't seem to work(gets stuck). I sometimes have to press the modifier key twice.

Coming from Wacom, I really like this new tablet. Hopefully, there's a fix to some of the issues I'm having.


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the driver.  The below article will with setting up and using the Shift key with specific applications.  I would like to have you reach out to Customer Care and open a ticket using so we can address issue with the active portion of the Pen Tablet.  Thanks.

FAQ link for setting up specific application in the Application row:

I appreciate the reply. But, I'd simply like to use the shift key on my keyboard since I use a lot of key commands while using the pen. Is that not possible?

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