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Need help for one-handed operation!

I just had surgery and have only one hand for the next six weeks. I have plenty to do in windows file manager, but need to be able to hold down the control key, not just press it. Same with the shift key. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can program this on QuickKeys?
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You can set that keyboard button up on the Quick Keys.

Open the Settings panel and either select the "all other" yellow globe or the application you have added to the Application row. Then select the button you want to use and select Modifier from the drop-down menu and select Ctrl.

When you want to use this button, hold it down and select the object you want to be selected. I tested with Outlook and File Explorer, and it worked.


Open the Setting panel.

[1] Select My Quick Keys

[2] Click on the application icon you want to use or use the Yellow glob.

[3] Select the button you want to use. I used button #6.

[4] From the dropdown menu, select Modifier.

[5] Check the box for Ctrl.

[6] Click Save

[7] You are now set to use that button to activate the Ctrl function.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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