- This is a Windows 10 only issue -

If you are trying to highlight text with your pen to cut and paste, delete,  or the selected text is not highlighting for you, it may be an issue with Windows Ink. 

The Xencelabs Setting Tool has the ability to turn off Windows Ink, and it can be done on an application basis. 

First will need to open the Settings Panel in Windows 10. 

1. You can press the button on the left at the top center of your tablet, or in the Windows Search window, type in Xencelabs and select Xencelabs app. 

By default, the Settings Application will open to Pen Tablet view.

1. Shows that the Settings app is open to Pen Tablet

2. Windows Ink is selected (On).

3. Show the application you have added to your Settings Panel
The Settings application gives you the ability to turn Off or On the Windows Ink feature. Either for all applications or a specific application.

If you want to set that Windows Ink feature to On for all applications.

1. Select the Globe and then check Windows Ink.

Check is On, Un-checked is Off
Suppose you want to turn off Windows Ink for only one application. You will need to add the application to the Application Bar in the Settings Panel.  This is a multi-step process.

First, you will need to add the application to the Application Bar.

1. Click the "+" button. This will bring up your selection of applications.

2. Select the application you want to add to the Application bar.

3. Select Next.
1. You will leave this as is.

2. Click Add

This will add the application to the Application row.
1. This Shows the application has been added to the Application Row.

2. By default Windows Ink is checked. You will need to uncheck it and then close the Setting Panel. The Settings panel automatically saves your changes.

You should now be able to highlight and copy or paste your text.