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Three quickkeys feature requests from a heavy user

Hello, I'm really loving my Xencelabs tablet and quick keys, I'm more productive and happier to work thanks to it. Thank you!

I do have three software requests that I think would drastically improve the product for me:

1) Quickeys button notification on monitor - this is just like how wacom tablets work. When a button is pressed, a notification appears on the top left/right of your monitor showing what is pressed.
For me this would really help speed up workflow, especially when switching between Dial Modes or Key Sets. Looking down at my quick keys slows things down during high-productivity moments.

2) Alternate button presses - If possible, having the option to use select buttons in a press and hold mode. Meaning pushing a button activates a certain command (e.g undo), or pressing and holding the same button for 0.5/1 second can activate a separate command (e.g redo).
This would be amazing with shortcut heavy software such as Blender.

3) Adjusting Quick Keys display
- the display is an OLED, which means we should be able to very specifically alter each pixel on the display. It's a big and beautiful display, Xencelabs creates products for artists.
Why not allow an easy way for artists to put specific images on the display? For me I would use this as a canvas, as text on the Quick Keys display is not so important for me, for others it can be a bespoke way of arranging text for readability.

Many thanks for your time. I love the product and hope it can continue being improved in meaningful ways! Have a great day

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Thanks for sending those feature requests in. I have passed them on to the product team to review.

If others have features, they would like to see added to the Quick Keys. Please send them in.


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Im definitly supporting those. 

there should be a modifier like but support key toggle. let say between Eraser (E) and  Brush (B), as indication is on the screen with a shape of the tool it is saving time and space for keys. 

I hardly never use custom 2-3-4 as it is confusing and takes time to switch. i prefer all to be in one place. 


Thanks for the post. I pass this information on to the product team so they can see the interest that our customers have in the different feature requests.

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