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Complex/Smart sets...

For example, in set 1, have a button that says 
"paste" when I click on it, it changes to set 1.1, which has "paste special" "paste normal", "paste plain", "clipboard options"... when I click on one of those, it does the action and returns to set 1.

Another example would be a a similar menu option that popped up when clicking on a button that was navigated by the dial., so click on a button and it pops up a "quick menu" that you use the dial to move up / down on and click on the option you want... for things that dont necessairly need immediate 1 button access, but you want to bring a bit closer to the surface than the app has them.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That is something that the drive team is currently working on for a feature update for the Quick Keys.

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