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Fast rearrange Buttons on Quick Keys

The only way (I didn't find a possibility with this software) to change the settings on a button with another Button is to delete it and rebuild it new on the desired button number.

Why is there no possibility to simply exchange the sequence of the buttons by rearrange it like drag & drop?

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I see what you are saying. I'll pass that on to the Driver team and have them take a look at that. 

Hi, I'm new to the forums and I had no idea there was a feedback forum. I recently emailed Xencelabs about the same thing. I'm posting my email with them.


Hi, I recently purchased the Quick Keys and really like it. 

There is one big problem I have using the software: there is no way to quickly manage all sets.

The reason I am requesting to manage all sets is because I found myself moving and changing the orientation of the Quick Keys around my work area based on the software I was using. For example, while doing documentation I needed to copy / paste a lot of text and I moved the quick keys from the left of my keyboard to the bottom of my keyboard and changed the orientation from vertical to side ways. When I did this I realized I had no way to adjust my other macro sets to fit my orientation easily without doing alot of of work to copy sets and adjust them. This would not be a good experience and should be addressed in the software.

What I suggest is making the current "View All Sets" screen to allow customization across all sets.

Attached to this email I have a screenshot of how it should work.  1) When dragging a macro within each column, the macro is reordered in the column. 2) When dragging a macro to another column, the macro should overwrite  the current macro in the other set and warn the user to confirm overwrite.

One last suggestion is quick: Pls move the orientation settings from the Customize menu to the main UI by providing 4 arrows around the Quick Keys picture. Users should be able to quickly change the orientation without thinking which degrees or direction the orientation should change. 

thank you for this great product (and software) !! 





I will second this. To be able to drag/drop button assignments over sets would be great addition to the usability.

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That is a feature that the Driver team is working on for macOS and Windows.

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