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QuickKeys command line arguments for running Windows applications


It would be wonderful if you could add the possibility of running windows applications with command line arguments. Many windows applications take command line arguments and it would make QuickKeys even more versatile.  

Thanks for considering :-)



Please help us to get the command line arguments implemented.

Please know that I'm pushing hard on the Driver team to get this ability added to the Quick Keys, and our other device buttons (Pens, Tablet, Display).

Thank you.

This is in the works. What applications and what type of arguments would you be entering? I would like to pass this on to the driver team so they can test with real-world customer type scenarios. 

Thank you. There are so many things you could do with command line arguments. It really opens up a new world of possibilities. You could then interact with any app that accepts command line arguments. For example, if I wanted to increase the brightness of my monitor I could do it with this simple command line and the app Controlmymonitor:

ControlMyMonitor.exe /ChangeValue "K6LMQS074873" 10 1

I gave this example earlier in this thread with more details on how it works and Danny Allen also gave an example of how he controls lights.

It is a very simple task to implement command line arguments but it would be a very powerful feature.  


Thanks for posting that and for adding the example.

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