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The all powerful Bluetooth

So, as a dongle dislike, i wonder if new quick keys editions can support bluetooth so it will be easier to connect. I know you reckon Bluetooth is slower but wacom tablets for example use it and it works.. while tablet itself requires precision, the QK doesnt. If for any reason it is not possible pr doable and you continue with the annoying dongle, might it be smart to find a way to store it in the device when not used, it is pretty easy to loose. Like on some wireless mouses. Appreciate this product ofcourse.

That is an interesting thought. Wacom uses a wireless dongle to connect its Express Keys to the computer, but it uses an open Bluetooth channel to connect the Intuos Pro tablets to the computer's Bluetooth device.

Xencelabs uses that wireless dongle running Bluetooth 5.1 (a private channel) to connect the Quick Keys and the Pen Tablet so that there is no fighting with other Bluetooth devices for bandwidth.

I have sent your request to the product team to take a look at.


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Wacon didnt update their Express Keys hardware for years.  they still use Micro USB port.

while I can understand the reasoning of bandwidth, the protocol is evolving so it might be better to use the newer standard. as well as using the port iteslf with the new laptops disable them and making the product unusable.. (some macbooks have only one port)

maybe have both ways, open and private option (as mantioned above). 

Thank you :)

You are right. With more and more laptop manufacturers including fewer USB ports, that would be a good option to look at. I have passed it on to the product team.


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