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Quick Keys Application Presets

 I'm thinking there's probably a small subset of apps that are widely used - Teams, LR, PS... Is there any way to download, install, and share shortcut sets that are specific to applications?

I'd much rather start with a good base of common tasks and add a few of mine in than do every app from scratch

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We agree with you and we are working towards creating that.  I do not have an estimate on when it will be available, but we see it as a neat feature also. Please stay tuned and follow up on Social Media for more details in the following months. 

If such sets could be shared by the community, it would be less work for you, and there may be different approaches on how to set it up for an app.... 

The Driver team is getting close to releasing an updated Driver for both the Windows and Mac platforms that will allow you to save the settings of a specific application and share it with a person on the same platform. 

Hi, I'm interested in the topic to add apps with presets for Quick Keys. The last convo was nine months. Would you be so kind to share an approximate timeline?

We are working with a couple of companies to add more presets for application and also a better way to allow you to pick and choose what you want to add. Instead of adding them, give you a checked box for each that would allow you to add the ones you want and not the ones you do not use.

It is a big departure from our current process, and the driver and UI team is working through that. Sorry, no time estimate at this point.

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