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Quick Keys dial changes with Sets

I think its useful to add the feature where when you change set you can also change the dial option with it. it will also add more flexibility and functions.

right now if i want the dial to do normal navigating on one set and micro adjustments on the other is not possible. 

You might be able to do that by adding the application to the Application row and then making the adjustments there. What application are you working with? 

I work with Capture one, Photoshop, Davinci, Premiere and such. my intention with that is different. 
i have those apps added in the device software. it gives me only 4 dial modes but if i want them to coralate to my working set - for example let say i have navigation set and paint set where the dial in navigation do zoom or rotate but on paint it changes brush size or change brush flow and leave the buttons to more precise actions. if this is enabled i can leave the dial untouched if i want Navigation in every Set or ajdust.. but at least i got control.

Hey Capture One. didnt get your feedback on this. i actually still think this feature is needed. 
now im stuck on one wheel set related to my key set. when i change key set i cant use the dial anymore cause its not the same needs. the limitation of keys on the device make a need to switch set every action

An example, when i need to color mark photos in Capture one with all 8 keys but i cant scroll the photos without the keyboard cause my dial is on diffrent use with my edit keys set.  

Thanks for the follow-up, and it looks like I missed your other post. Very sorry –

Would you be able to send me a short video of what you are describing? That would be helpful. Thanks -

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Pretty simple. dial should switch option when the set switch. maybe you can activate or deactivate the switch option. right now im stuck on one dial option and could be easier to have different toolset on the dial when i do tagging vs the editing. 


That is interesting. I'm sending it on to the driver team to look at. Thanks - 

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May I ask if the dial knob can scrub DaVinci Resolve editor? Thank you

If there is a keystroke set up for that or if the Scroll (preset) function has that ability, then it will be able to perform that action.

Please know I'm not a DaVinci Resolve user. But I'm reaching out to a few of our customers that are and I'm asking them for a more definitive answer.


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