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Large version

Not really a feature, but are there any plans for a large version with a bigger active area(something like intuos pro L)?

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I have been told that Xencelabs is not planning to create a Large version of the Pen Tablet, at his time. That may change due to people like you asking for it. 

I would like to ask why and how you would use a large tablet, and what type of art do you create? 


Of course, it's important to know if there's an actual demand.

As for the questions:
I'd use it as any other tablet. It's just much more comfortable. And also more precise, since the area ratio is closer to the one's of the screen.
I'm a concept artist (2d/3d graphics). And during many years I've tried all wacom sizes. Large works best for me. Also, I've rarely seen people who would choose medium instead of large. At least in my field.
I'm not saying that medium is worse, it's just that the demand for large tablets is pretty high.

I'm moving away from Wacom tablets and the XenceLabs bundle looks ideal!

I prefer Large sizes but I enjoyed using the XP-Pen Deco 03 (Medium sized) for a while. Unfortunately, t's slightly too small. The active area is similar to the Xencelabs tablet.

When working on a 1440p/27" monitor, the Medium tablets are fine for drawing/painting/sculpting because you can zoom in for more detail. But using UI's on larger monitors require a little bit more accuracy. Depending on the jitter of the stylus hover, it can be annoying (and tiring) gripping the pen tighter to increase precision.

I use a tablet instead of a mouse exclusively, so tasks that require accuracy (like basic text editing) are prone to mistakes and make using Medium tablets fatiguing.

There aren't many large size alternatives to Wacom - Huion have a couple but the tech/hardware is years old and not an appealing investment.

I'm tempted to get the Xencelabs bundle to see how good the stylus/tablet accuracy is (and the QuickKeys seems great!) but I'm on the fence about the size :( 


+1 Large size




I have sent your request to the Product team to review. At this time, there is not a large Pen Tablet on our road map. But if we receive enough interest in it, that might change! Thanks for your suggestion, and please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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I would also love to see a large format since there aren't much on the market right now. The bigger sizes comes only with display tablets but I prefer non-screen one. Now we have wacom intuos L or Huion WH1409. I think we need one from xencelabs since the design is really nice and I love the lack of side buttons on tablet since I use my keyboard instead.

Thanks for posting your request, and I have sent it on to the Product team to review. Thanks again!

Xencelabs tablets look great. But I'll be waiting for the large size, since there's no sense in switching from Wacom L to a smaller one. But when L will be available I'll definitely going to get one.

I would suggest you give the Pen Tablet Medium a try, and you might like the size and how it fits on your desk? 

Unfortunately, that's not an option for me.

I've tried different Intuos sizes and the most comfortable for me is the large one. So, since the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium has almost the same size as the Intuos Pro Medium (224x148 mm vs 262 x 147 mm) there's no point in trying Pen Tablet Medium because I already know what will be the experience working with that active area size. Personally for me - the larger the better.

Medium is  great when you travel since it doesn't take that much space. But at home nothing beats the large one, it's just too comfortable to give it up.


And that is what it boils down to, what works for you!  I would suggest that at this time you stick with the Wacom Intuos Pro Large tablet, it fits your style and workflow and its a good tablet. 

Hi Mike, I too would like a Large size Xence pen tablet. I am currently using a large Wacom 5 touch which has an active area of 12.8 x 8 inches. I run two monitors and this size tablet is ideal.

PLEASE get Xencelabs to make a large version as the medium size looks great, and I would like to move away from Wacom.

Thanks, Tom.

Thanks for posting. I have passed your request on to the product team.

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