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Hold and Tap for right click

I always preferred the way Wacom had an option "hold and tap" to produce a right click. This would be helpful for those of us that use mouse gestures as the current "click" and drag the stylus button kind of freaks the mouse gesture reader out.

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Please can we have any update on this? at least if it's being worked on

Yes, the driver team is looking at it and testing it with different applications to see how it works and/or responds.

I have also done some testing (with Adobe PD) and discovered when I set one of my Quick Keys buttons to Alt, I'm able to press the button, and then tap Nib on the color I want to select and use, and it works.

There are some other features around this using this also that are being looked at.

[1] I assigned it to button #7 on my Quick Keys.

[2] I named it Color Picker.

[3] I pressed the Alt keyboard key and then clicked OK.

I am unsure if this is how it's going to work, I also downloaded the beta drivers to see if there are any changes but nothing is showing that the feature is implemented unless I am missing a setting somewhere because I installed 1.3.2-61 from the beta. But I am not sure it's anything related to the quick keys either. If at least is available in this driver version, how do I enable it? and if not, where will the option be to able to use "Tap and click" or "Hover click". Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. What I described above is currently available, and you do not need to turn it on. It is on by default.

I would suggest that you reach out to, and one of the agents will work with you to determine why you are not able to see this feature now in PS.


Hmmm, I don't use PS mainly, I use blender and I don't have quick keys. I only have the xencelabs tablet. However, I also tested it in PS and I didn't I don't see any change, I still have the beta driver installed. I would contact  customer care, however I would also like to know from the other users here it if works for them. Thanks

Customer care hasn't responded yet,  but can you be able to show the video of how it's working, I uninstalled and installed still nothing new, it's still hover click, and not "Hold and tap". Thanks

I have been told by customer care that it hasn't been implemented yet :(

Here was the response from Customer care

Hello Wilson,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have passed your feedback to the product manager and it seems like the driver team are working on other projects, so far they haven't implemented this feature. 

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