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Detents on QuickKey dial

I'd like to see a future iteration of the Quick Key dial that has detents as it turns so one can feel each "tick" as turns. Check out a Contour Shuttle dial to see what I mean. This and/or an adjustable "rate" to the dial would be helpful and the latter could be done in software ( or can I do that now and I'm missing it?) Perhaps even a way to switch from free wheel to detents like some of the logitech mice would be great. Yes, it would be new hardware but the tactile feel would be worth it to me (I'd buy one!)

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Thanks for sending the feature request for the Quick Keys Dial feel when rotating it. I have passed it on to the Driver and Product team to review. 

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I also like the idea of turning on / off the detents dial wheel.

In some precise applications, detents feedback is preferable, like scroll frame-by-frame in a video edit, or precise change a value in a CAD program, 

I found myself in these cases already. 

Product development is a big puzzle that needs to take in consideration many factors, like % of the public interested in such a feature VS the extra cost to implement it. 

But in this case, make it optional, you reach a broader audience. This is the kind of feature that can make or break the user experience. 

Thanks for your post. I have sent that on to the Product team to review. We have had a few customers ask for physical feedback on the Dial. The idea of being able to turn that on and off is interesting.

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