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Pen tip clicks

I am finding it difficult to single-click using the pen tip unless I keep the pen extremely still. Can this movement sensitivity be adjusted? Am also finding double-click difficult. Is the double-click sensitivity adjustable in windows settings?

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Now that is what I like to hear! Thanks for the heads up on that. 

The clicking is def working much better with the new Beta driver. Now I just need a proper way to scroll webpages. There is no "Scroll" function, only Scroll up or Scroll down which is a bit of a problem... Does anyone have a solution for scrolling?

I'm glad the beta driver is working better for you.

For the Pan/Scroll issue, we are looking into it but do not have an elegant solution at this time. 

Please know that each request for Pan/Scroll is passed to the Driver team. I want to make sure they know this is a needed feature. 

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