What software are you using with your XenceLabs tablet?

I would like to reach out to you and ask; What software are you using with your Xencelabs Tablet? 

The reason for this is simple, we are wanting to know what software you ae using so we can look at better ways to help you use that software with our line of tablets.  This would include possibly adding more Pre-Set buttons for specific functions in applications. 

We also know that there are thousands of art type applications out there, beyond the Adobe, Corel and Autodesk applications and would like to see what you are using them in your work to create your works of art. 

You will need to discover what keyboard shortcuts are used to perform those actions. Some application make it very easy, and other make it almost impossible to set up short cuts for some of their actions.

I also look under File and Edit to see if a Shortcut menu is listed there that can be edited are accessed.


Capture One (got some issues with key translations)
Davinci Resolve (Although cant use some wheel featuers like color grading as there is no mapping)
Premiere Pro
After Effects

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Adobe Photoshop
Clip Studio Paint

SILO (3D Modeling), Blender and Resolve :)

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When drawing I alternate between Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer



Camera Raw

Davinci Resolve

Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Blendr and ZBrush

Clip Studio Paint


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