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Bypass disabled rotary dial functions.


I have this issue with Wacom tablet with the rotary touch. I'm a retoucher, and the vast majority of the time I just need zoom. Occasionally I need rotate. I don't really need anything else for the rotary dial function.

I'm hoping this is just a software 
limitation and can be changed, but I'd love for the Quick Keys to bypass any disabled rotary menus so that I have a true toggle of zoom and rotate and not have to worry about looking at the keys or the dial color, etc because it's going through two disabled menus. 

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for making the jump from Wacom to Xencelabs, and I would be happy to answer your question and give a suggestion.

First, I like that you want to customize your Quick Keys to enhance your workflow. That is precisely why we created the Quick Keys.

You did not mention your operating system or the application you are using, but it should not matter. Customizing the Quick Keys will be the same for Mac or Windows and really any application.

First, you will want to connect your Quick Keys and open the Settings panel.

If you have not done so, you will want to add the application you want to make custom changes for to the Application row in the Settings panel. I have placed a link below to an FAQ that will walk you through that process. Once you have added one application, you will see how easy it is and much more powerful it makes the Quick Keys.

Link to adding an application to the Application row:

Now that is done, let's customize the Quick Keys to work with your application. I’m using Adobe Ps in this example, but this will work with any application that supports Rotation.

[1] I have selected My Quick Keys from the navigation column.

[2] And I have also clicked on the application in the Application row that I added and want to make custom settings to on the Quick Keys.

Please note: The yellow bar under the application icon notes that any changes made now will only affect this application when it is running.

This view shows that I have one Mode active. This is where we are going to end up.

Your view may look more like this, with all the Modes active.

Now we are going to turn each mode off. We will need to do this action for each Mode.

[4] Select Mode 2.

[5] This shows that I have Mode 2 selected.

[6] Click on Options.

[7] Then select Disable from the dropdown list.

You must repeat this step for each of the Modes you want to disable.

You can click on each Mode and disable it before clicking on the OK button. This will speed up the process.

Now we are going to customize Mode 1.

[9] Select Mode 1.

[10,11] Select Zoom from the dropdown menu.

If Zoom does not work with your application. You can manually select Keystroke and the keyboard shortcut that works with your application.

[13] For the selected application.

[14] Rotate will be the only Mode appearing when you press the Dial button.

You can also rename the Mode to Rotate so there is less text on the OLED screen.

This might also work for you…

I would suggest adding Rotate and Zoom to your Dial Mode lineup.

When you press the button on your Quick Keys, it will jump between Mode 1 Rotate and Mode 2 Zoom only.

Please let me know if this was helpfu. 

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I'm on Mac OS 13.5. Primary control of Photoshop with some LR.

Ok, I was disabling next to the dial and not under "options". Apologies. Thanks so much. Should have been paying attention.

Can I ask here another question? If not, just say so and I'll ask via ticket or something. 

I prefer zoom via "scroll" in PS as I can just hover cursor/pointer and it will zoom to that area, keeping me from having to navigate to that spot as well. However, with the Xence, I'm only getting 5 zoom steps between 6% magnification and 350% magnification. It's very jerky and doesn't give me much in the way of putting it where I want it. Is there not more resolution to this dial/scroll zoom? Am I missing something? It's much smoother on the Intuos touch wheel. I feel like I'm missing something obvious again, haha. 

In fact, my junky old mouse has many more "stops" as I use the center wheel to scroll/zoom without changing any settings There's such a massive difference between steps using the quick keys wheel that this feature is essentially unusable.

Thanks for all your help.

No worries at all, I like questions.

Currently, with the Zoom feature on the Dial, you will scroll in at about 18 percent per movement of the Dial. And yes, that will make it jerky. The driver team has that on their road map to fix later this year.

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